Chapter 1: Mirror Ball

The Mirror Ball reflected the light onto the crowd at Expo '67. It was the world's largest mirror ball at the time and its unveiling brought two men and a single idea together. Their magnetic connection, dynamic characteristics and their passion for Disco, sparked a phenomenon known as Spank!

Shpänke and Rouge Richard met for the first time in 1960 during which time their father’s Shpanke Sr. (a diplomat to the then Soviet Union) and Majiknutzin Richard (an advisor to the Bureau International des Expositions) were in the process of planning the event known as the “Most successful world’s fair of the 20th century”.  Their paths would cross more than a dozen times during their father's travels over the next six years. Expo ‘67 was originally lobbied for (and won) by the Russians, then given to the Austrians before officially being awarded to Canada in late 1962. The boys had journeyed all over the world by that time, making new friends while creating what later, people referred to as "a movement" .

By the time Expo '67 had rolled around, Shpänke had become a huge international “child star” entertainer, pleasing huge audiences in Paris, Prague, Moscow and Singapore. Rouge Richard meanwhile, spent much of his early years singing the soprano voicing in a barbershop sextet in Montreal. He also had a strange habit of random stomping spasms (oddly in perfect syncopated timing) during shows. For that reason he would later be assigned the drummer position in Spank!!

Somewhere during three straight days in Montreal, Canada at Expo ‘67, the two long time acquaintances were hit with an inspiration they could hardly deny. They began to lay out the plans to form a new musical group that could match the glory they had seen within the gleaming lights of the world's largest mirror ball.

The two would go their separate ways for several seasons in order to reconnect with former contacts, later uniting them all in Ocho Rios, Jamaica at Shpänke's safehouse.